27th European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference

Prof. Dr. Mario MANASSERO 

Politecnico di Torino-Italy
Vice-President for Europe of ISSMGE (2017-2021)
Topic: ISSMGE activities for the young generation


Prof. Dr. Pierre DELAGE

Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris Laboratoire Navier/CERMES-France
Topic: The mechanical properties of Martian soils: insights from InSight

Prof. Dr. İlknur BOZBEY

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa-Turkey
Topic: Effects of soil pulverization level on lime-clays: implications on pavement design and performance

Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrea DOMINIJANNI

Politecnico di Torino-Italy
Topic: Chemico-osmotic effects in bentonite-based barriers for containment applications

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nejan HUVAJ

Middle East Technical University-Turkey
Topic: Stability of natural and man-made slopes: from FS to RFEM and MPM